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HARICA Public Key Infrastructure

The HARICA Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a trusted third entity which certifies the identities of network users and servers affiliated with Academic and Research Institutions of the Hellenic Republic.

The HARICA PKI is a consortium between equal members that are Academic Institutions, Research Institutions and the Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET) which is the Greek National Research and Educational Network (NREN) and began during the VNOC2 project (funded by GRNET through the Operational Program "Information Society"). HARICA is currently funded by the Greek Universities Network (GUNET). This service is available for the members of the Hellenic Academic and Research Institutions.


The main goal of HARICA is the deployment of an infrastructure for secure communication between the members of the collaborating Academic and Research Institutions.


Policies and Procedures

The HARICA PKI issues certificates to entities according to certain procedures included in the "Certificate Practice Statement" and must also comply with the "Certification Policies" of each Certification Authority.

You can read the Data Privacy Statement.

Independent audit report

HARICA PKI has been audited by an independent auditor and was found to be fully compliant with the requirements of ETSI EN 319 411-1, ETSI EN 319 411-2, ETSI EN 319 421 and CA/Browser Forum Baseline Requirements.

You may download the ETSI EN 319 411-1 411-2, 421, CA/Browser Forum BR 1.5.6 latest audit report (year 2018).
These reports are also available at the QMSCERT Website. Here is a link to the latest audit report:

Certificate Repository for HARICA PKI

All the issued certificates of the PKI service (Certification Authorities and end-users, servers certificates) can be obtained using the following link: Certificate Repository.

The certificates can also be found at an alternate secure webpage , certified by a trusted third party, according to section 6.1.4 of the HARICA Certificate Policy and Certification Practices Statement .